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This February, Winter Folk descends upon Longmont, Colorado for TWELVE DAYS of live music and photography!

Q & A

Q. Will food or alcohol be available for purchase?

A. Absolutely! Alcohol will be available for purchase, and Sugar Pine Catering will have wonderful food options for sale. 

Q. Where can I find the schedule?

A. On the "Schedule" page above.

Q. Are there seats available or are the events standing room only?

A. Both. General admission tickets will be standing room only, and VIP tickets will offer seating in the front few rows of the venue. 

Q. How do I know who plays each day?

A. The daily lineup is listed on the Winter Folk "Schedule " page. Just scroll over "Winter Folk" above.

Q. What time do the events take place?

A. Fridays 6:00-10:30

Saturdays 6:00-10:30

Sundays 5:00-9:30

*This is the door time.

Q. How will the venue be laid out?

A. The stage and food will be located on the top floor. A photography expo will be located on the bottom floor. There will be bars on both floors. You may walk around the venue at all times, but there is no re-entry.

Q. Will the photography be for sale?

A. Yes.

Please email additional questions to

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